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Barrakka Lift


JD Operations were contracted to assist in a project to reconstruct a 100 year old lift, which connected Southern Harbour area to the Upper Barrakka.

This project involved building a 65m high steel structure to fit 2 lift cabins, each holding 21 people. JD Operations were entrusted with the installation of the non-corrosive mesh, with a 100 year warranty, a galvanised steel structure, including UPN 100 ring beams, and cantilever lift supports – both of which were complex, and challenging to install.

The Barrakka Lift project came with tight deadlines; JD Operations had to complete 3 months’ worth of work in only 4 weeks. All work had to be perfectly coordinated between the various companies working on this iconic project. JD Operations had to coordinate carefully with the lift installers (1), lighting installers (1), hard landscaping contractor (2), and concrete structure contractors (3) to ensure the project went off without a hitch.

(1) Mekkanika

(2) Halmann

(3) Polidano Group


  • 2012 completion year
  • Valletta location
  • 1400 sqm of cladding